A journey into the subconscious with mask puppetry and illusion.

From the archives of unbridled thought comes a series of short-form plays. Dark, sassy, brutish, and with no two acts alike, these dreamlike vignettes seek to explore the nature of our inner landscape. Stories of lost love, catastrophic whimsy, nature’s revenge, reckless desire, debts to the Devil, and retribution from the Gods. .


"Creativity doesn’t come much keener than this!"

"Much like a restless night peppered with bizarre, frequent dreams."

"The puppets created by Fools Theatre Company are fantastic, perfectly capturing the uncanny representation of mankind that I love, on a scale I did not expect."

"Each performance was fantastic individually, and Georgia Toner’s song is beautiful to hear in the small space."

Whether accompanying his favourite singer Hilary O'Neill, performing in duet with renowned classical pianist Janet Brewer, or playing solo, Alfonso puts his heart into every note.
From time to time, odd creatures emerge from his Weinway Grand.
Is that a Piano Tuna I see?
Being the true professional he is, Alfonso lets nothing get in the way of a good tune, especially when there's a wee drop of red to keep the spirits up.

A unique mobile stage, drawing on the traditions of European wandering street performers. Shows include a variety of productions for both adult and family audiences.
"The Farmer's Cursed Wife" - an ancient fable about a shrewish woman who terrifies even the demons in hell.
"The Organ Grinder"
- a cautionary tale about the revenge of the meek.
"The Fisherman"
- a life harmonious with nature faced with the unforgiving march of progress.

In this kingdom, nobody wants to look stupid, least of all the King. One day a couple of swindlers come to town claiming to be tailors. They convince everyone that the clothes they make can only be seen by clever people, and those who are stupid can never see them.

A timeless story about blind obedience, and the fabric we weave to clothe our fears.